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Joy at Danh Vo "We The People"

Part 2 of Opening night at New Museum’s Triennial: “The Ungovernables”. more photos HERE

Joy at Danh Vo "We The People"

Joy in front of Danh Vo’s WE THE PEOPLE. Behind every all-black power outfit is a vivacious Midwesterner doing a PhD in art history at Yale University. (photo by Xavier Aaronson)

Rosa at New Museum

This is Rosa in the foyer of the New Museum. She is a neuroscientist who is not awkward about having her photo taken. (photo by Xavier Aaronson)

Sofia at The Ungovernables in New Museum

This is Sofia reading the wall text for Minam Apang’s He wore them like talismans all over his body,from the series “War with the stars”. Probably my favorite use of tea in a painting. (photo by Xavier Aaronson)

Frenchie at The Ungovernables in New Museum

From France, Name Withheld. In front of Pilvi Takala’s The Trainee, a collaboration between with Deloitte and Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art. (photo by Xavier Aaronson)

Gabrielle at The Ungovernables in New Museum

We loved the simplicity of Iman Issa’s designs. This is Gabrielle next to Material for a sculpture commemorating the life of a soldier who died defending his nation against intruding enemies. (photo by Xavier Aaronson)

Abigail DeVille 'Dark Day'

Abigail DeVille Dark Day installed in the shaft space in the staircase between the third and fourth floors of the New Museum. (photo by Xavier Aaronson)

Tara at The Ungovernables in New Museum

The section of Jonathas de Andrade’s Tropical Hangover was a concentrated yet sprawl out installation of over a hundred photographs linked to diary entries that were found in the trash. Tara found a sliver of wall space she should lean up again and reminded us that you can roll out of work after a long day and still babe out with ease. (photo by Xavier Aaronson)

Chinese at The Ungovernables in New Museum

Taking a step back better understand Jonathas de Andrade’s Tropical Hangover photo and diaries installation. Pieced together, they comprise a larger fiction of the housing erosion of city of Recife, Brazil. (photo by Xavier Aaronson)

Outside of the New Museum

I forgot to write down her name but she was from China and very cooperative about having her photo taken. Here we are outside of the New Museum as everyone is being kicked out so that the staff can also enjoy their Valentine’s Day plans. (photo by Xavier Aaronson)

Laura at The Ungovernables in New Museum

This is Laura standing next to a big pile of devalued Zimbabwe currency by Pratchaya Phinthong What I learned I no longer know; the little I still know, I guessed. (photo by Xavier Aaronson)

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