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Pari Dust at New Museum Halloween 2014 by Xavier Aaronson

Pari Dust bodaciously skeletal Gerard & Kely’s “P.O.L.E.” installation


Last Friday, the New Museum hosted an early evening Halloween party. They invited its members and handpicked je ne sais qui from NYC’s art, film and fashion circles. 

That day, I guzzled the Halloween Kool-Aid and got swept down a river of costume frenzy upon which I was swimming madly as a party-thirsty shark.

There’s something eerie and bemusing about creeping through a museum as overgrown children donning masks and temporary face paint bumble around the galleries.

There was a medusa, two Frida Kahlhos,  double unicorn action, a six-foot tall weed leaf, and a too-lifelike-for-comfort Bret Michaels. Far from dastardly, the ghoulish festivities were filled with well-mannered chatter and excited curiosity over each others’ elaborate and sometimes obscure costumes, all while surrounded by large-scale paintings by Chris Ofili and an installation by Lili Reynaud-Dewar.

I wouldn’t call it a rager but it was the snackiest of warm-up parties with the right kind of early evening punch to the sternum before heading into a long night leading into an early grave.

Hit this for more photos:





New-Museum-Halloween-2014 Unicorns by Xavier Aaronson

Two unicorns heads are better than one.



Old dude was not in costume but totally owning in with her glass perch.



Even the the little hair that he has left is metallic.



If leather could talk it would say, “meow”



The know-it-all just walked into the room.


Miss Death Dancer Blood Pirouette was feeling dancey in Chris Ofili gallery.



Me blushing next some out-of-my-league Fridas.



More unibrow!




gargage pail kids acne amy at New-Museum-Halloween-2014-by-Xavier-Aaronson

Garbage Pail Kids’ Acne Amy showed up to the party.


I really wasn’t THAT angry that Garbage Pail Kids Acne Amy blew my shark head out of the water. 



Look at those eyes! Way to fully embody your costume, bro. 



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