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RACHEL ROSSIN "Untitled 2" 2013 mixed media, plaster, acrylic paint 6”x 4”

Rachel Rossin’s “Untitled 2″ 2013, mixed media, plaster, acrylic paint 6”x 4”


I had never even heard of the SPRING/BREAK Art Show until last Tuesday when my usual cabal of art blabbing enthusiasts flooded my phone and inbox with alerts about this new curator-driven art fair taking place at the Old School in Nolita.

When I got there, it seemed like everyone else knew about it because the hallways were clogged with bodies. My normal reaction to large crowds is to immediately flee. But instead, this time, I just bypassed the art on the 1st and 2nd floor – I figured I’d loop back around to it later – slipped through the squall of après-work B.O. and hyper self-aggrandizing chitchat, until I reached the top floor where I could collect my claustrophobic self.

There I stumbled into a room curated by Ballast Projects, which boasted a compelling lineup of contemporary artists that knocked the wind right out of me.  Curated by Adam M. Mignanelli, founder of Ballast Projects, the room featured the works of six exciting young guns whose art tied into this year’s New Mysticism theme of  ritualistic behaviors and their relationship between the Self & the Divine.

Here are some photos from the airiest room with the most eye-popping art from SPRING/BREAK 2013.