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Only a babe is capable of dealing with everyday oddities with the greatest of ease.

Most waffling dopes know that an uninvited chat rarely turns into light repartee. However, that was not the case with Diana, the waviest of creatures you’ll ever meet at the Brooklyn Museum, or any museum, or any Brooklyn.

We caught Diana during one of the tiniest moments of solitude, during which she was spacing out, waiting for her friends to meet her at the museum. She was sitting in the foyer when she completely lasso-ed our attention. Perhaps it was her tough-chick Doc Martens dangling from her freshly laundered, matching socks. I don’t know.

Since Diana is of the rarest strands of loveliness, she politely agreed to having a couple photos taken for BATM. Months trickled by and we could still not etch her out of our minds. To justify her magnanimity for the whole world to see, we tracked her down and asked her silly questions about bestiality in art, rappers playing artists in movies and more. Turns out, all this time, we were staring down the barrel of a funnier, smarter babe than we were ever prepared to encounter.

Check out our unserious interview here.

Diana Tran at Brooklyn Museum cred Xavier Aaronson